30 March 2010

day 86: six flags sunset

day 86: six flags sunset, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

We live right by Six Flags, and I have never been...

{Shot from the car}

28 March 2010

day 85: Z is for Ziggler

day 85: Z is for Ziggler, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

The names have evolved. "Piggy" turned into "Ziggy Piggy" and then turned into "Ziggler."

We spent a gorgeous afternoon at the train museum and decided to stop at Fuddrucker's for dinner on the way home. Jasper normally picks from our plates, but they were offering a family deal, and we ended up with an extra kid's meal.

He got his hands on the burger and devoured the entire thing. No small feat considering his older brother barely eats a whole burger. Every time one of us tried to help him readjust his grip on the burger--he came dangerously close to losing the meat a few times--he vehemently shook his head and refused to let us help him.

Lots of funny images from today, but the majority weren't perfectly focused... Red light in Fuddruckers + moving children... I should have used the flash but I didn't want to disturb everyone around me.

Today was my first day shooting raw, but I need to get used to the lag while my poor little D40 writes to the memory card... the difference is definitely noticeable, but the image control is well worth the trade off.

day 84: Y is for Yoke

day 84: Y is for Yoke, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

So the yoke is not technically in the shot, but it sounds cool.

day 83: X is for Xing

day 83: X is for Xing, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

24 March 2010

day 82: W is for Wellies

day 82: W is for Wellies, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Adrian has these awesome pirate themed wellingtons. He loves them but rarely has opportunity to wear them here in SoCal. I think we may need to create some muddy puddles for him to splash and stomp in before he outgrows them.

day 81: V is for Vicious

day 81: V is for Vicious, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

That's the dinosaur, not Sid.

He has a sad face to reflect his pain, and if I could have easily turned each eye into an X and given him a tongue and a few blood splatters, I would have.

day 80: U is for Ubiquitous

UFO-esque clouds at the park this afternoon.

Okay, so they weren't exactly everywhere... but there were quite a few. Come on, it's U. When else will I get to use a word like this??

Perfect skies... but a biting wind forced us to leave much earlier than we'd have liked. Wishing this week of cold weather would leave, but I'll take this over snow any day *ahem* Texas *ahem*.

day 79: T is for Tongue

day 79: T is for Tongue, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.


day 78: S is for Straptacular

Got my new colorful camera strap yesterday. Of course I attached it to the camera before I thought to take a photo. Best I could do, seeing as my p&s is buried under a pile of junk somewhere...

day 77: R is for Revisions

day 77: R is for Revisions, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Manuscript revisions! Gotta love that red pen.

I'm slogging through, but I've done nothing at all this week because I had to catch up on my P365 edits and uploads. I'm making weekly blog posts titled WIP Wednesday, where I will be making an effort to keep myself accountable to the entire five people that read my blog...

day 76: Q is for Quilt

day 76: Q is for Quilt, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Lacking any inspiration for Q!

We're not big on making beds in this house. At least not in the boys' room.

day 75: P is for Pinecone

day 75: P is for Pinecone, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Of all the pinecones he could have chosen, he picked up the one broken one. That's my boy. Maybe the broken ones taste better?

day 74: O is for Old Glory

Not my flag--I'm an Aussie--but still impressive!

day 73: N is for Numbers

day 73: N is for Numbers, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Day 72: M is for Mater

Day 72: M is for Mater, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Adrian is obsessed with all things Disney Cars. This poster of Mater hangs above his bed.

day 71: L is for Luck O' the Irish

I cheated today. Was going back through my photos and realized I didn't take one worthy of posting on the 12th, so I'm borrowing this instead.

St. Patty's Day crafts with the boys--teaching Adrian about the Trinity using the shamrock. Even Jasper colored his, and amazingly, his coloring was as good, if not better, than Adrian's was...

day 70: K is for Kissable

day 70: K is for Kissable, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

better on black: decluttr

day 69: J is for Jellybeans

22 March 2010

day 68: I is for [best] intentions

Brothers. Oh so sweet.

Adrian has just started to take on the role of protector where Jasper is concerned. That's not to say he isn't the instigator of the trouble much of the time, but it's so precious to see his obvious love for his baby brother. He still has his moments, but this has been a long time in coming.

Tonight he said he wanted to "read" Jasper a story, so he picked one of his favorites, Dr Seuss's ABC's (which he knows by heart). They both climbed into Adrian's bed and he started to read aloud...

"Big C, little c, what begins with C?
Camel on the ceiling, C, C, C.



day 67: H is for Hat

day 67: H is for Hat, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Or Head. Or Hair. I can't quite distinguish the exact word he's trying to say, though there's a possibility that he's saying all three.

Easter is approaching... today I pulled out the plastic eggs, and the boys went straight for the Play-doh filled variety--I'm surprised it is still soft.

day 66: G is for Giggles

day 66: G is for Giggles, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

J makes us laugh multiple times a day. He's certainly inventive, and definitely fearless. His latest feat--at 16 months--is climbing. His brother was not a climber, and now I realize just how easy we had it in comparison. It amazes me how different they are, yet in many ways, they're so similar.

Here he is sitting atop the pile of toys in his toy basket, tongue out in concentration as he tries to catch a ball.

I love having boys. Brothers and best friends!

day 65: F is for Freedom

day 65: F is for Freedom, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

...and friendship.

With my mum's diagnosis and all that followed in the last half of the year, and then more travel, illness, illness, travel, illness and illness again, we haven't been to church in months. I won't lie; we're healthy again now but I've been reluctant to put the boys back in nursery/kids' church for fear of them catching something else.

I've really been missing it all, so when my friend told me about a Bible study she was starting, I jumped at the chance. We're doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free. Wow. I'm not one to preach at people, but God is doing a lot of healing in me right now. I'm loving the friendship with this group of women that spans three generations. So much wisdom, laughter and joy!

day 64: E is for Eye

day 64: E is for Eye, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.
Original, I know. But my son has gorgeous eyes, and eyelashes that most women would kill for.

better on black: decluttr

day 63: D is for Dirty...

day 63: D is for Dirty..., originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.


Funny thing is, this is no stink-eye. Adrian loves to be in front of the camera. Total ham. This was snapped mid conversation. A deep conversation about what sort of cake he'd like for his birthday next month.

day 62: C is for Concentration

Adrian is so excited to "do school" right now. Just about every morning (even weekends), he asks me if it's time to "do school" yet.

He's not in any formal preschool program and we're considering homeschooling him. Living where we do, though, we have some of the best public schools in CA.

He'll be four next month, so we have some time to decide, and meanwhile we'll continue to work on the basics at home until we decide if we'll enroll him in preschool in the fall.

day 61: B is for Bold

day 61: B is for Bold, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

The weather in SoCal has been warm enough for shorts again... until the weekend brought with it a cold snap. It appears here to stay for the week. Which means back to jeans and sweaters and no more flip flops! And the need for a hot coffee rather than my usual iced.

day 60: A is for Adios!

day 60: A is for Adios!, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Welcome to March Alphabet Madness!

Today we said goodbye to the box. That would be the DVR box, not the television. Bye-bye, cable!

I've been wanting to get rid of cable for over a year because we don't really watch a lot of tv (and the kids don't watch much, either), while the husband has been reluctant. Working in the film industry, he needs to stay current to be relevant. But I'd planted a seed, and with work slowing down a lot recently, we decided to say adios.

We were paying way too much, even for basic cable, and we rarely watch anything. Anyway, that's what the internet is for. Who needs cable when we can stream Hulu through the Xbox??

Best decision we've made in a while. Can anyone say FREEDOM?

day 59: happy birthday H!

day 59: happy birthday H!, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Adrian's friend, H.

H had a party at our local park this afternoon (hooray for great weather after yesterday's rain) and I was there early to help H's mom set up. We thought the shaded tables would be our best bet, until the wind picked up right as we finished putting food out. Too late to change plans; the guests started to arrive. We braved the cold for a few hours, but had loads of fun playing croquet and blowing out H's candle (not mentioning any names, *ahem* Adrian *ahem*).

day 58: dizzy boy

day 58: dizzy boy, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

He's like a dog chasing his tail lately. Loves to turn in circles until he falls down dizzy. Crazy kid.

day 57: sad face

day 57: sad face, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.
"Take a photo of my sad face, Mama!"

He's a ham. 'Nuff said.

day 56: favorite things

day 56: favorite things, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

I love this age. It's so much fun, but he keeps me on my toes all.the.time. This is his favorite book right now, particularly the page with the photo of the baby girl in a tutu with her finger up her nose. He can giggle forever over that picture.

He's such a boy.

day 55: it was a dark and stormy night

Taken from the car after sunset (I wasn't driving ;>); just really loved the clouds.

I'm really behind with the editing and uploading--about a month--but I've managed to take photos most days, despite my lack of motivation. I had grand plans to start editing and posting every other day, but I am a procrastinator.

Revising my manuscript has taken priority for the moment, but I'm still holding on, if by a thread. Tonight I'm just plain uninterested... my characters and I need a little time apart :>

Should have the rest of my pics up in the next couple of days... you know, unless life gets in the way.

day 54: just lion around

day 54: just lion around, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Couldn't resist; I'm not usually that cutesy. Or cliche. :P

Jasper's favorite thing this month is shoes. If he's not wearing Adrian's awesome wellies, he's putting his toys in them. I didn't create this shot, but I did have to restrain a mad toddler to catch it. He's just to camera left and about to swoop into the frame.

Loving the morning sunshine... unfortunately it doesn't last very long. Lucky I dragged myself out of bed in time to catch this one...

day 53: sunset & silhouette

taken on the 405 while driving. Gotta love L.A. at peak hour. Something about this shot is just so quintessentially Los Angeles. Well to me, anyway.

day 52: self-conscious

day 52: self-conscious, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

{taken yesterday--I missed today}

I felt so self-conscious climbing into a garden to snap this with my few seconds on the way back to the car to drive our friends to the airport for their flight back to London. Come to think of it, I always feel that way when I have a camera in my hands... why is that, I wonder?