22 March 2010

day 60: A is for Adios!

day 60: A is for Adios!, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

Welcome to March Alphabet Madness!

Today we said goodbye to the box. That would be the DVR box, not the television. Bye-bye, cable!

I've been wanting to get rid of cable for over a year because we don't really watch a lot of tv (and the kids don't watch much, either), while the husband has been reluctant. Working in the film industry, he needs to stay current to be relevant. But I'd planted a seed, and with work slowing down a lot recently, we decided to say adios.

We were paying way too much, even for basic cable, and we rarely watch anything. Anyway, that's what the internet is for. Who needs cable when we can stream Hulu through the Xbox??

Best decision we've made in a while. Can anyone say FREEDOM?

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  1. We've been cable-free for 17 months and counting, and we LOVE it. OK, maybe an odd thing to love, but I could wax on and on about the great things about NOT having that box on every night, for the little one and for us grown-ups.