22 March 2010

day 65: F is for Freedom

day 65: F is for Freedom, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

...and friendship.

With my mum's diagnosis and all that followed in the last half of the year, and then more travel, illness, illness, travel, illness and illness again, we haven't been to church in months. I won't lie; we're healthy again now but I've been reluctant to put the boys back in nursery/kids' church for fear of them catching something else.

I've really been missing it all, so when my friend told me about a Bible study she was starting, I jumped at the chance. We're doing Beth Moore's Breaking Free. Wow. I'm not one to preach at people, but God is doing a lot of healing in me right now. I'm loving the friendship with this group of women that spans three generations. So much wisdom, laughter and joy!

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