28 March 2010

day 85: Z is for Ziggler

day 85: Z is for Ziggler, originally uploaded by Bella Catalina.

The names have evolved. "Piggy" turned into "Ziggy Piggy" and then turned into "Ziggler."

We spent a gorgeous afternoon at the train museum and decided to stop at Fuddrucker's for dinner on the way home. Jasper normally picks from our plates, but they were offering a family deal, and we ended up with an extra kid's meal.

He got his hands on the burger and devoured the entire thing. No small feat considering his older brother barely eats a whole burger. Every time one of us tried to help him readjust his grip on the burger--he came dangerously close to losing the meat a few times--he vehemently shook his head and refused to let us help him.

Lots of funny images from today, but the majority weren't perfectly focused... Red light in Fuddruckers + moving children... I should have used the flash but I didn't want to disturb everyone around me.

Today was my first day shooting raw, but I need to get used to the lag while my poor little D40 writes to the memory card... the difference is definitely noticeable, but the image control is well worth the trade off.

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